William Kaulbach Principal kaulbachw@ccrce.ca
John Dickie Grade 11 & IB V.P. dickiej@ccrce.ca
Bruce McDowell Grade 12 & CEP V.P. mcdowellrb@ccrce.ca
Joyce Millman Grade 10 V.P. & International millmanj@ccrce.ca
Department Heads
Denise Cameron Learning & Resource Centres camerond@ccrce.ca
Jenn Courish International Baccalaureate & Math courishjl@ccrce.ca
Martha Kenny Languages kennym@ccrce.ca
Robert Langille Career Exploration Program langiller@ccrce.ca
Rob Lutz Fine Arts and Family Studies lutzr@ccrce.ca
Taunya Pynn-Crowe Social Studies pynnt@ccrce.ca
Debbie MacEachern Science maceachernd@ccrce.ca
Leo McKay English mckayl@ccrce.ca
Kevin Mawhinney Technology Education mawhinneyk@ccrce.ca
Susanne Nisar Student Services nisars@ccrce.ca
Marc Roberts Physical Education robertsm@ccrce.ca
Student Services
Manon Daneau Registrar daneaum@ccrce.ca
Katie Gloade Grade 10 Guidance & International gloadekr@ccrce.ca
Susanne Nisar Grade 11 Guidance and IB nisars@ccrce.ca
Tom Shreve Grade 12 Guidance and CEP shrevet@ccrce.ca
Teaching Staff
Kate Adams Family Studies adamsk@ccrce.ca
Marie Baillie Resource baillieme@ccrce.ca
Jessica Barkhouse Math barkhousejm@ccrce.ca
Darrin Belliveau Technology Education belliveaud@ccrce.ca
Catherine Benedict Science benedictci2@ccrce.ca
Kelly Bower Resource Centre bowerk@ccrce.ca
Hans Budgey Science budgeyh@ccrce.ca
Carrie Burgess Social Studies burgesscj@ccrce.ca
Denise Burgess Co-op & 02 burgessd@ccrce.ca
Scott Cameron Social Studies camerons@ccrce.ca
Barb Campbell English campbellb@ccrce.ca
Caren Chisholm Math chisholmc@ccrce.ca
Hilary Cormier Languages cormierhs@ccrce.ca
Mark Cox Technology Education coxm@ccrce.ca
Curt Crane Math cranec@ccrce.ca
Tessa Crewe Science crewetm@ccrce.ca
Todd Croft Resource croftdt@ccrce.ca
Tammi Cross Family Studies crossTG@ccrce.ca
Roger Crowe Social Studies crower@ccrce.ca
Tina Dalrymple Resource dalrympletd@ccrce.ca
Shawn Davison CEP davisons@ccrce.ca
Aaron Elser Science elserac@ccrce.ca
Kevin Farrell Science farrellkl@ccrce.ca
Ruth Faulkner English faulknerr@ccrce.ca
Jay Foster Social Studies fosterj@ccrce.ca
Suzanne Fougere Social Studies fougeresm@ccrce.ca
Matthew Fullerton Languages fullertonm@ccrce.ca
Steven Geense CEP geenses@ccrce.ca
Trevor Gordon Math gordont@ccrce.ca
Nicole Hart CEP hartn@ccrce.ca
Kevin Hayden CEP haydenk@ccrce.ca
Sheena Henderson Resource Centre hendersons@ccrce.ca
Luisa Hernandez Resource Centre hernandezl@ccrce.ca
Peter Hunt English huntp@ccrce.ca
Stephanie Isenor Resource isenorsj@ccrce.ca
Iain LaPointe Math lapointeI@ccrce.ca
Amanda Leslie Math leslieae@ccrce.ca
Harvey MacEachern Science maceachernh@ccrce.ca
Scot MacInnis Languages macinnissg@ccrce.ca
Tammy MacKay English mackayt@ccrce.ca
Craig MacKillop Math mackillopw@ccrce.ca
Jeff MacKinnon Physical Education mackinnonja@ccrce.ca
John MacLeod Fine Arts macleodja2@ccrce.ca
Michael MacMillan Languages macmillanm@ccrce.ca
Andrew MacNeill Social Studies macneillad@ccrce.ca
Brent MacPhee CEP macpheeb@ccrce.ca
Ted MacPhee Social Studies macpheet@ccrce.ca
Jason McCarron Science mccarronj@ccrce.ca
Ryan McNutt English mcnutta@ccrce.ca
Jude Moffatt Math moffattj@ccrce.ca
Carolyn Nickelo Math nickeloc@ccrce.ca
Garett Nickelo Science nickelole@ccrce.ca 
Heather Nolan Fine Arts & Family Studies nolanh@ccrce.ca
Chad Peck English peckc@ccrce.ca
Jeff Piers CEP piersj@ccrce.ca
Nigel Power Physical Education powerns@ccrce.ca
Glenn Roy Technology Education royg@ccrce.ca
Brianna Scott English scottb@ccrce.ca
Lori Sharpe Learning Centre sharpelam@ccrce.ca
Grace Simms Fine Arts simmsg@ccrce.ca
Ron Smith Math smithrg@ccrce.ca
Michele Toole Learning Centre toolem@ccrce.ca
Janice Trider Languages triderj@ccrce.ca
Trish White Math whitepd@ccrce.ca
Jason Williams Physical Education williamsjr@ccrce.ca
Erica Wilson Science wilsonel@ccrce.ca
Shannon Wolfe Learning Centre wolfesd@ccrce.ca
Computer Technician
Shawn Casey Computer Technician caseysm@ccrce.ca
First Nations Support Worker
Bryant Vance Support Teacher vancebw@ccrce.ca
African Nova Scotia Support Worker
Delcina Dixon Support Worker dixond@ccrsb.ca
Police Officer
Kelly Quinn Police Officer kquinn@truro.ca
Penny Gill SchoolsPlus Mental Health Clinician Penny.Gill@cehha.nshealth.ca
Zachary Higgins Community Outreach Worker higginszr@ccrce.ca
Tracey Shay SchoolsPlus Facilitator shaytl@ccrce.ca
Shawna Umlah Community Outreach Worker umlahsm@ccrce.ca
Administrative Assistants
Sheila Campbell Main Office campbells@ccrce.ca
Debbie McLaughlin Main Office mclaughlind@ccrce.ca
Morgan Rau Student Services raumc@ccrce.ca
Educational Assistants
Cynthia Bastarache Educational Assistant bastarchec@ccrce.ca
Peter Dixon Educational Assistant dixonpe@ccrce.ca
Judy Haight Educational Assistant haightj@ccrce.ca
Melissa Brown Higgins Educational Assistant higginsbrownma1@ccrce.ca
Jill Janes Educational Assistant janesbj@ccrce.ca
Brenda Mainicom Educational Assistant manicomb@ccrce.ca
Telena Murphy Educational Assistant murphyte@ccrce.ca
Carla Paris Educational Assistant pariscc@ccrce.ca
Lana Peck Educational Assistant peckl@ccrce.ca
Lynn Selkirk Educational Assistant selkirkl@ccrce.ca
Kim VanBuskirk Educational Assistant dunnk@ccrce.ca
Myrna Allen Librarian allenm@ccrce.ca
Heather Geddes Librarian geddesh@ccrce.ca
Health Center
Angela Smith Nurse angela.smith@cehha.nshealth.ca

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